A comforter is an essential part of your bedroom. Not only it is essential for providing you with ultimate warmth and comfort, but also it can be a premium thing to add style in your bedroom as the bed is the centerpiece of any bedroom and a comforter lying on your bed is the first thing anyone notices when they first enter the room. For these two reasons, you should choose your best down comforter with care. The main two options to choose from are called the down and down alternative. Whichever one you choose ultimately, it is important to consider the filling, warmth rating, care instructions and other features which come with owning a down comforter before you take the final leap in buying your own down comforter.

Whether you choose to get a down or a down alternative comforter, you should always keep in mind that there are more things to think about before you make that final decision to get the comforter that suits you the most, rather than only considering on the filling of the comforter. Features such as the exterior fabric, care instructions, warmth levels etc. are equally important. Each aspect will be considered carefully in the best down comforter article so read on to get more informed about down and down alternative comforters.

best down comforter

The Basics

Before venturing any further, we should first start with getting the clear idea of what is down and down alternatives, and the main differences between these two options which are available for us to choose from.

What Are Down and Down Alternatives

What Is a down Comforter?

Down comforters are made with little bits of fluff which are found under the bird’s feather. Know that these are not full grown feathers. Generally, these little bits from under the feathers are harvested from geese and ducks. Birds are kept warm in cold temperatures and icy water thanks to these little pesky bits. So comforters are filled with these to hold plenty of warmth. Down comforters come in mostly white down or sometimes grey down.

The quality of down is determined by fill power. Fill power is measured by how many cubic inches an ounce of down can fill. So 700 fill power of a down comforter means it is capable of filling 700 cubic inches of space. The best down comforter comes with fill power starting from 550 to 700. Anything above 750 is considered excellent and high quality. All the best down comforters fall in this category in terms of fill power.

What Is a down Alternative Comforter?

Down alternatives are fake down. They are a mixture of synthetic materials such as polyester or rayon to imitate down comforters. Well, down alternatives are more affordable compared to down. Along with that down alternative is a better option for people with allergies as well even though down itself exactly is not the reason for causing allergies. Lower quality down material tends to harbor dust particles, debris or other non-down materials inside which causes the reaction in sensitive people. High quality down, on the other hand, are cleaned extensively following the strict industry standards and thus are less likely to cause such unwanted issues. If you are prone to allergies, down alternatives or high quality down comforters are recommended compared to low quality down comforters.

Type of Comforter

If you want to choose a down comforter, there are several types you can consider to choose from. The most popular and widely available ones are geese and duck downs. Geese are wild animals so when they are captured, their downs tend to get tightly clustered and super warm. Ducks, on the other hand, are farm animals. Due to ducks being farmed, their down may be harvested before they are well clustered. This in turn often makes bedding filled with the duck down far cheaper than the geese down.

Remember that down is usually white or grey in color. If you get a white down comforter, you will only get white down inside so you don’t have to worry about the grey colored down showing through your best down comforter. Thing is, the color really does not matter at all on the quality or performance of the comforter so don’t sweat on it.

How to Choose a Good Down Comforter?

With the basics aside, let’s talk about how to choose your best down comforter easily and effectively by looking at some of the important aspects of the down and down alternative comforters. These tips will come in handy after you have chosen what type of comforter you want to have the down and down alternative ones.

Comforter Outer Shell

Once you are done with the decision of what kind of down you want inside, it is now time to consider what you want the down comforter’s exterior fabric. The down comforters, in general, are paired with natural fibers such as cotton, silk, Pima cotton (Luxury cotton from Peru) and Egyptian cotton etc. However, down comforters can be easily well paired with synthetic materials such as microfiber as well. These types of exterior fabric resist spills and stains better than the natural fibers so they might be a more suitable option for you if tend to be of the clumsier type.

Down alternatives, in contrast, have a wider range of natural and synthetic exterior fabrics options available. They can be cotton, polyester, fleece, Tencel (Synthetic fabric made from wood) etc. Ultimately, you should choose the one which feels the best against your skin. The outer shell should be stitched extensively and evenly to ensure that the down or fiber fills inside stay protected and do not go flying everywhere when you move it every time.

The best down comforters are stitched with special care and most of the time double stitched. Remember that the box style stitching is the best when it comes to down comforters to keep the filling inside safe and tucked away, rather than letting it move or shift around as you move during your sleep. Having to wake up because you were feeling cold because of the comforter filling being spread all over the comforter in an uneven fashion is one of the worst things in the world in my opinion, especially if it is during a cold night.

Down Comforter Warmth Guide

Down and alternative down comforters come in options such as extra warm, medium warm and all season to facilitate your needs. Extra warm ones work in the winter. Medium warm ones are good during fall and spring seasons but with needed help in terms of an added blanket during colder nights. Light down comforters including all season ones are good to sleep in all year long.

In general, down comforters are warmer than the down alternatives or synthetic ones of the same size and weight. If you want to buy a synthetic one, keep in mind that your comforter will be bulkier in order to achieve the same level of warmth from its own counterpart.

If you can’t happen to find the warmth rating of your chosen comforter, look for the fill power. The warmer comforters, in general, feature thicker fill levels with a higher loft. A high fill power rating indicates more warmth so a comforter with a 650 fill power rating is going to be warmer than the one with a 500 fill power rating. All the best down comforters generally have a high filling power, meaning, they are warm even if they are lightweight compared to the down alternative counterparts which will be heavier to provide the same level of warmth for you.

Thread Count

This is the number of thread woven into each square inch. The finer the thread the higher is the thread count of the comforter and the fabric will feel lighter and smoother at the same time. The thread count of a comforter is an indicator of the texture and quality of the comforter. The quality comforters in general have a thread count of at least 260. Luxury comforters, on the other hand, have higher thread counts that result in weaves which are stronger and tighter to prevent down filling from escaping out of the down comforter.

What’s Your Style?

You are done with choosing between down and down alternative, types of exterior fabric and warmth level. Now you should definitely give some time considering the style as the best down comforter is sometimes the main feature of your bedroom. Both down and down alternatives are available in a range of colors. There is a variety of quilting styles involved as well, the most popular one being the baffle box style. This style is done in a way that the stitching runs horizontally and vertically through the comforter and this creates a quilt-like effect.

As mentioned earlier, most down comforters are white in color to match the color of the filling of the down inside. You can keep it this way if you want to. Or you can opt for getting a cover in whichever color or pattern you like to add versatility and possibly more personality to your bedroom décor.

Taking Care of Your Comforter

Be wary of this aspect of buying a down comforter. There is the range of care instructions which comes with both down and down alternative comforters. If you want one no fuss bedding set, it is better to opt for machine wash. If you like to get your laundry done by the professionals, you can prefer to get a dry clean only down or down alternative comforter for yourself. Either way, keep in mind that you don’t always have to wash your down comforter. If you want to make the washing intervals longer, you can opt for a cover. Down comforters with covers obviously get less dirty compared to the ones with no covers. Washing of down comforters too frequently is not suggested by manufacturers either so consider buying a cover for your comforter.

If you want to make the washing intervals longer, you can opt for a cover. Down comforters with covers obviously get less dirty compared to the ones with no covers. Washing of down comforters too frequently is not suggested by manufacturers either so consider buying a cover for your comforter.

Appropriate Size Along with Design

Before buying, consider the size of your bedding and the size of the comforter you will need to accompany that bedding. If your bed size is queen, you may consider getting a queen-sized comforter for yourself. But you can choose to treat yourself to a king-sized comforter as well if you feel like it. Going with a larger comforter comes with the added benefits of a little extra length and width to wrap you in during the colder months.

Along with the variation in sizes down comforters come with a variety of designs as well. Some comforters are made with a baffle box designed stitch to hold the down fillings firmly in place so that they don’t shift around as you move about in your sleep during the night. The best down comforter is sewn with baffle style quilting pattern to provide depth to the down comforter and keep the goose down in one place. Cold spots occur when goose down settles. Baffle box styled stitching helps the filling stay evenly distributed to eliminate such cold spots.

What Are the Dimensions of a King Size Comforter?

If the Mattress size of your is 76-78″ x 80″  than the Standard Comforter Widths is 102″ and the Standard Comforter Widths is 86 – 88″.

What Are the Dimensions of a Queen Size Comforter?

If the Mattress size of your is 60″ x 80″  than the Standard Comforter Widths is 186 – 88″ and the Standard Comforter Widths is 96 – 100″.

What Size Is a Twin Comforter?

If the Mattress size of your is 39″ x 75″ than the Standard Comforter Widths is 66 – 68″ and the Standard Comforter Widths is 86 – 88″.

 What Size Is a California King Comforter?

If the Mattress size of your is 72″ x 84″ than the Standard Comforter Widths is 107 – 110″ and the Standard Comforter Widths is 96 – 98″.

There are colorful options as well in reversible fashion. These designs make the bedroom interesting and more colorful by becoming the accent pieces.

How to Choose a down Comforter Weight?

The best down comforter for you might be an all season one with mid-level warmth rating, based on where you live. Some places don’t get much cold even during the winter so buying an extra warm down comforter in such a place will be a waste. Your ideal weight will depend on the warmth level, as well as on the fact whether the comforter is down or down alternative. Summer comforters are thinner and thus lighter compared to the extra warm ones. Choose one that feels the most comfortable to you, there is no clear-cut answer here.

Select the Appropriate Filling

Lightweight down comforters often come with a mixture of filling inside. The mixture is made of feather and goose down in general. This is why they are both cost-effective as well as good at providing the warmth. There are also down fiber, feather fiber, down alternative fillings etc. in some down and down alternative comforters. Some down alternatives come with foam inside which work quite well with feather fillings. This results in making a lighter and loftier comforter. Your best down comforter will have to be based on completely your own decision. In essence, if you are allergic and get

Your best down comforter will have to be based on completely your own decision. In essence, if you are allergic and get the allergy from dust mites and mildew, you should get a hypoallergenic comforter. These types of comforters have a special sort of down resistant shell fabric which keeps the feathers firmly in place inside the down comforter and this in turn reduces your overall potential of getting a runny nose with constant sneezing.

Luxurious Options for the Royal Minded

If you like extravagance in your bedroom choices, you can opt for a comforter with fillings such as European goose down or even pure eiderdown. Luxurious comforters generally omit feathers as their filling entirely and use only the softest down. Sometimes the mixture is made of wool to make the down comforter even softer. Wool filled comforters are cleverly made as these can be used for a year-round use as they keep you cool in the summer and warm during the winter. Wool is also good at maintaining its shape over time. The luxury comforters come with a variety of outer shell fabrics, such as sateen and Batiste.

Wool is also good at maintaining its shape over time. The luxury comforters come with a variety of outer shell fabrics, such as sateen and batiste cotton. They feel silky to the touch. If you want to add a dose of luxury in your bedroom, you can try one of these options out. Here is a detailed view of the outer shell fabrics to get you into more depth.


This fabric offers a high sheen with a wonderfully soft feel which feels super nice against the skin.


This fabric is extremely light in weight. It also comes with excellent durability.


This fabric is of excellent quality at a very reasonable price.


This fabric is a basic weave which provides excellent value.

Ultra Light Down Alternative Comforters

There are some down alternative comforters available in the market which feels like down. So you can get a cushy and soft experience if you don’t like the feel of the real thing. Plush polyester or fluffy polyester batting fiber fill take the place of goose down and feathers for a warm and light result. Down alternatives are naturally resistant to dust and dander so they are already conveniently hypoallergenic. Apart from that, down alternatives are easily washable and dryable as well.

What to Look for When Buying a down Comforter?

  • If you are opting to buy a down alternative comforter, stick your hand in the comforter package and press one clump of the filling in between your forefinger and thumb. You should be able to rub it together easily and the feeling should be a little slick. This means it will be less likely for the fiberfill to clump over time.
  • While getting a down comforter, don’t worry about the color of your down. The quality or performance of your down comforter does not vary with the white or grey down. Some manufacturers just do not like seeing the grey through the outer white fabric and thus most available down comforters in the market are in fact, white.
  • Consider getting a duvet cover for your comforter as it keeps the comforter clean. It prolongs its life as well. It is much easier and more preferable to clean the duvet cover frequently compared to having to constantly clean the down or down alternative comforter.
  • Shake and attempt to fluff your comforter on a regular basis to expand the down fiberfill clusters with air and renew the loft.
  • You should let your comforter air outside in the open for a few hours for at least twice a year to maintain the freshness of your comforter.
  • Always store your comforter inside a breathable bag in a well-ventilated area during the offseason. Do not put it in a plastic bag as plastic bags trap the moisture in, which in turn can lead to mildew attacks.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions properly to clean your comforter once a year before storing it away during the offseason. If your comforter can be washed on the machine, use a front loading machine and use dryer rings or dryer balls or a clean canvas washable sneaker to dry in the dryer. These methods help the comforter from matting. They also help fluff up the down filling the best down comforter.

Benefits of down Comforter

Why should you get a down comforter over a down alternative one? There are reasons of course. There are some benefits added to owning a high quality down comforter compared to a down alternative one. Yes, down comforters can be pretty expensive, but the price tag comes with some useful benefits.

  • Down fill is lightweight while being efficiently warm, so this is an ideal choice during colder months, especially in the colder climates.
  • The down fill doesn’t get clumped and they ensure a consistent coverage.
  • Down fill is breathable so it keeps you dry at night by helping in evaporating the perspiration.
  • If you want a comforter which will last you for a long time, a down comforter is the one you should get for yourself. The down fill of the down comforter bounces back inside even after repeated washing. This is why the down comforter retains its insulating powers and loft for years to come.

Now that you know all the things necessary to make you an expert on best down comforters, here are some reviews of some of the down comforters available in the market right now.

Best Brand Down Comforter Reviews!

Eddie Bauer Striped Damask Down Comforter Revieweddie-bauer-striped-damask-down-comforter

This down comforter is made with 700 fill power of white goose down so if you don’t call this luxury, I don’t know what luxury is in your book mate. The comforter is a comfortable and soft addition to my bed and I love the fact that I get to cuddle with it year long, as where I live, even the coldest month is not cold enough to need any more assistance after this comforter. Moreover, due to the goose down, the comforter is lightweight and thus perfect for hot sleepers even during the summer.

The patented Rest Assured hypoallergenic filling is good as the dust mites can’t grow in the comforter. This is a huge upgrade for anyone who is looking forward to passing an allergy-free winter. The allergy will not be able to catch up to you this winter, hopefully, once you get one of these comforters for you. The comforter itself is eligible to get machine washed and tumble dried, which is a plus for people who like to save money from going to the dry cleaners.


  • Patented hypoallergenic filling so allergies be gone.
  • Lightweight and not too warm during the summer.
  • Looks good on your bed.


  • Might be too warm for some.

Puredown Down Alternative Comforter Duvet Insert Reviewpuredown-down-alternative-comforter-duvet-insert

This is a luxury down comforter for anyone looking to get medium warmth from a comforter for the year round. The duvet comforters are available in sizes twin, king and queen. The filling inside is 58 oz and polyester material. The comforter is cruelty-free so you can proudly sleep and cuddle in it without feeling any sort of remorse for your actions.

The cotton thread is 300 counts so this is a good bargain. The fabric is patterned with 100 percent cotton grid. The stitching is done in the 10 inches box stitching style to avoid any sort of shifting of the comforter even if you are a restless sleeper going back and forth while you sleep. This also means the filling will not be clumping in any way. The stitching itself is done very well with nice piping down along with double stitches. This makes the comforter durable and you will be able to use for a longer period of time due to this.


  • Made with cruelty free polyester material.
  • 300 counts cotton thread.
  • Double stitches make the comforter durable and solid.
  • Box style stitching to keep the filling from shifting around.
  • 100 percent cotton grid pattern.


  • Stuffing bunches up in places.

LUXURIOUS Siberian GOOSE DOWN Comforter Reviewluxurious-siberian-goose-down-comforter

The luxurious Siberian goose down comforter comes in a beautifully zippered factory packaging with one brand new comforter inside. The comforter is good enough to provide you with medium warmth all the year round. The filling is with 750+ fill power with 60 oz weight. Since the filler is goose down, it is lightweight and soft to touch. It sometimes feels like a cloud is sitting on my bed, thanks to the bright white aesthetics of the comforter.

This is a hypoallergenic 100 percent Egyptian cotton comforter, to make you feel like basking in royalty right at your home. You will feel like you are on a holiday with this superior feeling down comforter as all the world-class hotels use this sort of material for their guests. There are 1200 threads per square inch so you know this comforter is made for the finest greetings. Easy to wash at home, this down comforter will give you the feel of a royal person as you cuddle inside in your own bed, night after night.


  • 100 percent Egyptian cotton made.
  • Siberian goose down filler.
  • 1200 threads per square.
  • Luxurious and comfortable feeling.


  • Makes crinkle sound when moved around.

Queen Comforter Duvet Insert by Utopia Bedding Reviewqueen-comforter-duvet-insert-by-utopia-bedding

This Queen comforter, available in King and Twin sizes as well are the perfect comforter for you if you are looking for one which will give you the comfort without the allergies. This crisp looking comforter is stitched in a box styled stitching so prevent the filler from shifting around inside the comforter. The filling is 350 GSM with piped edges.

The material is extremely soft and nice against the skin, thanks to the siliconized fiber filling that provides superior comfy and cozy feel with its soft and lightweight features. The hypoallergenic barrier of the bedding protects against mildew and dust mites so you can wave bye byes to your allergies once you get one of these sleek and elegant looking comforters at your home. The clean and contemporary look of the white comforter looks ultra posh and elegant against your room as it lies on the bed.

Washing is easy as machine wash with cold water on a gentle cycle and drying on the low tumble can be done when needed.


  • Siliconized fiber filling is comfy and cozy.
  • The hypoallergenic barrier protects against dust mites and mildew.
  • Elegant looking.
  • Washing at home is possible and easy to do.


  • Kind of dense.

Chezmoi Collection White Goose Down Alternative Comforter Reviewchezmoi-collection-white-goose-down-alternative-comforter

Available in sizes twin, queen and king sizes, this comforter will answer all of your needs you want from a comforter. This is 100 percent polyester made. The alternative comforter can be used year round but of course, it will sort of depend on the place you live at.

The best feature is perhaps the hypoallergenic material which keeps the comforter away from bringing dust mites. The white goose down filling keeps the comforter super lightweight and comfortably soft. It is super nice to feel it against the skin. Cuddling with such a comforter feels like heaven after a long tiring day of work.

The stitching is in the quilted box style which means the filling does not shift around as you make movements in your sleep. This is a very good feature as well. Stuffing that shifts gives me the headaches all the time.

Washing can be done at home with machine. Just throw it in with some cold water in the gentle cycle. To dry, you can leave it to sundry or if you want, tumble drying it on low temperature is another option.


  • The offered features are worthier than the price.
  • Hypoallergenic so allergies free.
  • Box style quilting keeps filling in place.


  • Lumpiness in places after washing.

Topsleepy Luxurious All Size Bedding Goose Down Filling Comforter Reviewtopsleepy-luxurious-all-size-bedding-goose-down-filling-comforter

This comforter is a comforter made with 100 percent cotton satin fabric as the outer shell. The inside is filled with high quality goose down. So it is perfect to say that this down comforter is perfectly comfy and feather soft both inside and out. The velvety smooth finish of the down comforter feels like a cloud against my bare skin. Not to mention the quality makes the comforter feel like it is elegant and made for royals.

The hypoallergenic material of the fabric makes sure that you stay allergy free by giving the skin a protective film. Available in King and Queen Sizes, this down comforter can be the perfect answer for all your allergy worries. Winter months don’t have to be miserable anymore after you get this down comforter for your bed.

The comforter is easy to wash at home. You can send it to the dry cleaners, alternatively. The comforter is backed up by a 15 years long guaranteed by the manufacturer.


  • Secure and durable stitching.
  • Easily washable at home.
  • Light enough to be used for year round.
  • Box stitching style keeps the filling secure in place.


  • Sizing can be off sometimes.

Beckham Hotel Collection – Lightweight – Luxury Goose Down Alternative Comforter Reviewbeckham-hotel-collection-lightweight-luxury-goose-down-alternative-comforter

If you want to feel like you are out in a luxurious holiday where your sleeping beds feel like a dream at a posh and royal hotel, look no further. This luxury down comforter is made specifically to make you feel like you are getting the royal treatments, right at your home.

Available in the color grey in the sizes twin, queen and king, this down comforter feels like an amazing dream you don’t want to wake up from. The filling is made from synthetic goose feathers and so you can imagine how soft it is. The material feels super light and soft against the skin and cuddling in it feels like all your dreams are going to come true.

The comforter is made of superior quality material along with super sturdy and durable precise stitching to last you for a long time. Moreover, the material is hypoallergenic so no tension of sneezing and a runny nose during the winter months anymore, caused by dust mites and mildew. Washing is no fuss with machine wash and tumble or natural dry.


  • Durable and even stitching throughout the comforter.
  • Hypoallergenic material keeps it away from dust mites and mildew.
  • Easy to wash at home.
  • Quality comforter with elegant looking features.


  • Sizing is off sometimes so beware of that.

LUXURIOUS 1200 Thread Count GOOSE DOWN Comforter Reviewluxurious-1200-thread-count-goose-down-comforter

The super lightweight comforter is filled with 100 percent goose down so it is extra comfy and soft against your skin. You will feel the niceness of the comforter as you cuddle in it. You will end up liking it so much that sometimes you will feel like not leaving it at all. Your nights will become brighter once you get one of these comforters at your home.

Useable through the year round, this luxurious comforter has 1200 thread counts. The comforter is available in various sizes of king, queen, twin and California king so you can choose one that fits your need and bedding style the best. The down comforter comes in a brand new beautiful factory sealed package so even before getting the comforter out of the package, I liked it. It made me feel important and pampered.

Again, washable at home with little to no extra skills needed. Machine wash with cold water and tumble dry on low temperature will have you good to go where cleaning this comforter is concerned.


  • No artificial odor right out of the package.
  • 100 percent goose down filling with no mixed anything.
  • 1200 cotton thread counts.


  • No loops to attach a cover.

Down Alternative Comforter by Utopia Bedding Reviewdown-alternative-comforter-by-utopia-bedding

This is a down alternative comforter made with hypoallergenic and siliconized fiberfill. So you know you are going to be away from allergies snatch, as well as stay warm during colder nights. It is a win-win situation with this luxuriously made down alternative comforter. I love how soft and comfy it is to cuddle in at the nights. Sometimes I feel sad in the morning for having to get up from my bed and go about my usual activities.

The stitching is made in box style to keep your filling in the place even if you are more prone to move around in your sleep. The down comforter is available in different sizes of twin, king and queen along with both 250 and 350 GSM. You can choose the one that fits your need and budget the best.

The siliconized down alternative comforter is good for washing at home, easily and comfortably. The option to go to the dry cleaners is available as well if you feel like it.


  • Hypoallergenic material.
  • Quilted box style design.
  • Siliconized fiber fills.
  • Loops to attach a duvet cover.


  • Washing might result is lumpiness in certain spaces.

C&W White Goose Down Comforter Reviewcw-white-goose-down-comforter

This down comforter is available in two sizes – king and queen. The fabric is customized especially by the manufacturer and is a non-fluorescent fabric which is made in the greenway so it is safe to touch the human skin directly. The fabric has been processed and tested to prevent down from running. It has also been certified as an ecological textile. The comforter feels nice and soft against my skin, thanks to the white goose down fill.

The filler is imported from France. The fabric is hypoallergenic so it is free from allergy. It is anti bacteria as well. The comforter will be of great use to someone who suffers from dust allergy or anyone who wants to live in the greener way.

The natural goose down filler has odor on it, but it will go away once you let the air out after getting it out of the package. The fluff will be back in the mean time as well. It is strictly prohibited to wash this comforter. Use a cover instead. Letting it air out from time to time under the natural light is a good practice as well.


  • Safe and green.
  • Nice, soft and lightweight.


  • Non – washable.

Final Words

The best down comforter is like a security blanket. Once you get the one you like, it feels like a piece of home. I hope this article will help you in finding your best down comforter that makes you feel right at home as you cuddle in it for years to come.